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See yourself as a success story attracting like-minded leaders and mentors to your heart and life!

As you are already aware, to be successful and achieve your dreams, passions and desires require an ongoing and daily commitment.

Daily, you must put your focus on the ideas, thoughts and decisions that inspire you and gear you toward a successful outcome. In my January blog post, I discussed the first five tips and thoughts that have helped in shaping my resolve for personal growth and betterment.

In this post, I am sharing with you Part Two — the next five tips. It is my hope and belief that they will inspire you to a life of optimism and action.

Here we go.

Tip 6: Write down your vision statement, objectives and plans. Read it (out loud) daily.

This idea is so near and dear to my heart that I consider the very act of journaling my plans the necessary fuel, motivation and daily inspiration to getting me one step closer to my goals – and you will too! It is imperative that you make this a daily habit of yours so that you can assess where you are and where you want to go. For instance, if your goal is to resolve to maintain a healthy weight and eat healthier, then keeping a journal is key to consciously, and authentically, meet your desired goal and outcome. Every week, you can reflect on how you are progressing by visually keeping track of what you ate, how many hours you walked or exercised, and how you felt emotionally. Use your favourite phone app or a notebook to keep track of how you are progressing and this will boost your confidence and zeal to keep going strong in the right direction. More so, if you ever feel discouraged or lackluster, you can always refer to the progress you have made in the past and remind yourself of just “why” you started this goal in the first place.

Tip 7: Guard your mind by creating a mental barrier against negative thoughts, emotions, people and circumstances.

Let me be very clear, you have to be proactive and determined about this one. Easier said than done, right? It may seem difficult – downright impossible — to practice this habit to avoid negative thought patterns, toxic emotions, even people and circumstances, but it can be done. It takes discipline and resolve, but it can be done; and the results are worth it. For starters, it is a good practice to know yourself and any weaknesses in your temperament. Knowing what makes you tick: what causes you to be anxious or fearful; what causes you to feel drained, discouraged, even outraged and despondent all are clues to what discourages you. On the flip side, whatever excites you, causes you the most joy and inspiration, whatever creative ventures, mentors, books, friends, family members, hobbies or events that speak life into your world are all clues to the things that help shape and mold you into the person you are today. Knowing these traits and tendencies about yourself will ultimately, and consciously, allow you to seek what inspires and adds value to you, while avoiding, or at the very least, minimizing the negatives that subtract from the person you are meant to be – a strong, resilient, creative and productive individual who aims to share the best of the self with your world. Knowing yourself at a visceral level is the best gift you can give to yourself. Aim to know yourself through and through.

Tip 8: Enlist the help of your support system by way of mentors, friends and family members that embody your ideals.

It is true statement – that it takes a village to raise a child. No truer is it in the case of your life, for it is nearly impossible to succeed without some sort of support system. While it may be true that some of you reading this post may consider yourself a “self-made” individual, it is worth reflecting on the fact that no one who has truly reached the pinnacle of success has done so without enlisting the aid of some trusted mentor or teacher, friend or family member who helped introduce someone, some habit, or influence that has helped in the shaping of the person he or she is today. It may even be your nature to seek solitude and work independently (for hours on end) and enjoy the uninterrupted bliss that comes from a focused activity or project on the way. But it is imperative to your growth and betterment as a person that you carve out some time solely devoted to connecting to trusted influencers in your life. Not only do you come away from that time recharged and inspired, but you learn to cultivate soft skills and a people-sensitive mindset that allows for the richness of empathy, love and caring for another – to be cultivated. That being said, be sure to surround yourself with those that care about you and your future, are committed to encouraging, correcting and guiding you to a successful outcome. Be sure to surround yourself with those who add value to your life – as your add to theirs. A win-win!

 Tip 9: Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going.

It can be difficult to not think about the future. We live in a future-oriented society that is always thinking ahead to the next best thing. The latest iPhone, the next movie sequel or next generation tech gadget; we are conditioned for the futuristic way of thinking. Or, we may be watching our favourite movie or cleaning house, while also obsessing over what the next activity should be. We are conditioned to think about future plans, including where we see ourselves three, five even ten years from now.

While it is an industrious habit to plan for the future, we should not get so caught up in such planning that we forget the here and now – the gift of the present. Being consumed with the future goals and activities should not come at the expense of the present moments. It is important to take time to enjoy your life on the way to where you are going, and to think of the daily, simple joys and blessings that surround you.

Take some time to unwind and unplug from technology and social media by taking nature walks in the early morning, evening or preferred time. Boost your creativity and personal reflections time by taking up a hobby such as colouring in an adult colouring book, painting, or roller skating outdoors. (You can create a Pinterest page with visionary boards for added ideas and inspirations.) Not only do these activities release endorphins, the “feel good” hormones that reduce stress after a long day, but they allow you to re-connect with your childhood passions and creativity. Definitely satisfy your need for some “me” time with these and other spirited, soul-nourishing activities.

Tip 10:  Watch your words. Avoid negative self-talk.

As you are intrinsically aware, words – your words – have the power to heal, inspire and motivate you and others to greatness; or consequently, wreck havoc on your life if filled with hopelessness, complaining and distrust. You owe it to yourself to invest in the conscious act of speaking words of encouragement and expectancy. Seek to avoid speaking words of self-sabotage or disrespect of yourself and your future, by meditating on a successful outcome, and speaking positive, life-breathing words of affirmation and hope. Even if you have the natural tendency to gripe about personal battles or your present predicament, know that you can develop the affirming habit of positive self talk. Know that your present circumstances will not always be this way. The quickest way out of a negative situation is to mentally see yourself conquering such, while speaking faith-filled, empowering words that foster personal change. You can take it a step further in focusing on your successful future outcome by placing pictures, favourite quotes and images that motivate and excite you. This is an excellent example of using the power of your words to produce a significant turning point in your life. Affirm and encourage yourself with declarative, hope-filled words today.

This concludes the last five (5) tips for your personal betterment and pursuit in your lifelong goals. To sum, journal your visionary plans, consciously guard against negativity, have or create a support team, be mindful of your present blessings, and lastly, avoid negative self-talk. That is it in a nutshell.

In March, I will be posting on the topic Finding Your Optimal Energy from Working in Your Creative Element. In the meantime, feel free to read my other posts and interviews geared towards your personal inspiration.

Have yourself an inspired and fulfilled day! J

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Brendaline is the introspective blogger and creative author behind the insightful blog — https://brendalineblogs.wordpress.com/  — dedicated to the holistic health, wellness and motivation of the readers in all things inspirational. I am a freelance writer and social media enthusiast dealing with everyday life and activities. I feel most alive when helping others on their road to personal empowerment and success! When not actively engaged in educational pursuits as a student in the field of integrative, holistic health and overall wellness or work, special time is devoted to creative activities like baking, reading and researching, (gratitude) journaling, nature walks, spending time immersed with family activities and keeping in touch with friends.

Feel free to send an email at brendalineblogs@yahoo.com should you be inclined or interested in writing a guest blog posts and/or discussing ideas related to your personal, professional development and motivations in life. Wishing you continued success, happiness and wellness!


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“See yourself as a success story attracting like-minded leaders and mentors to your heart and life!” ~ Brendaline Timothy

It is hard to believe that 2015 has long past us by and we are already nearing the end of the first month of this brand New Year 2016. Like many of you, a new year sparks a new sense of optimism about the future, about our personal and/or career goals and ambitious promises. We commit to becoming better at health and fitness goals, building upon a robust financial plan of attack, even committing to be more mindful and present in our friendships and relationships.

For many, this time of year sparks a sense of renewal, of introspection and self-reflection on the past year’s accomplishments and trials while seeking for betterment in this year and season. As I have pondered on my life’s goals, inner dreams and commitments, a couple of thoughts and ideas that has helped shaped my mind comes into play. It is important to note that while on this life’s journey, a conscious effort should be made to identify some key factors that help in determining just how successful one is in achieving a dream, or following a heartfelt passion.

In this two-part blog post, I discuss the first five (5) tips and thoughts that have helped shaped my resolve for personal growth and betterment. It is my hope and belief that they will do the same for you.

Tip 1: Give your mind the permission it needs to be creative and imaginative.

It is true that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is paramount to feed your mind with creativity and let your inner thoughts and ideas flourish. Imagination and creativity is by far the number one vehicle for propelling you to a desired outcome. Allow for a few minutes each day to access the power of your subconscious mind and release a wave of ideas, thoughts and inspirations that gear your mind in the right direction. Take a few moments of pure, unadulterated abandon by reflecting on the thoughts, words, ideas, people and places that help shape your happiness. In a personal journal or notebook, mentally note and write down the words, ideas, emotions, and ideals that come into your mind. It may take a few moments or sessions to quiet your anxious thoughts, disconnect from technology and others, and allow your natural inhibitions to be tapped into, but the very act of penning your thoughts to paper is threefold: it allows you to tap into your feelings and hidden expressions that have lied dormant and inaccessible. Secondly, you allow for self-expression and therapeutic healing to occur. Thirdly, you allow for clarity of mind and heart which may allow you to take the next step toward a successful outcome. By reading and re-reading your thoughts penned you may discover a pattern of thinking, observe irrational thinking and by so doing, allow you to think clearer and develop creative solutions to your problems and concerns. The very act of allowing for creativity and imagination spurs welcomed changes at a visceral and organic level of thinking!

Tip 2: Give your mind the permission it needs to be successful by operating under the law of “focus”.

Imagine a laser beam that cuts through a series of steel panels. So it is with a laser-focused mind, heart and spirit geared toward the achievement of a goal, dream or passion. When we give our mind the necessary ability to focus on a specific goal, ideal or desire whole-heartedly, we place ourselves in the favorable sweet spot that lands our clearly defined and pursued plan of action into the limelight for a more favorable outcome. Even clearly defined goals can easily become derailed by having too many distractions, activities or numerous competing factors. It is a wise soul that takes steps to align with the daily habits, activities and purposes that support the goal in sight, while eliminating much of the ones that hinder, subtract and dampen one’s mental focus and resolve. Plan daily to self-reflect and ask the necessary and pertinent question: “Is this activity, thinking or person adding value or subtracting from my focus?” If the answer is no, then it is time to seriously reconsider whether it is worthwhile to pursue a given action. The same can be said for a relationship which may be disastrously distracting to your personal goals or ambitions; whether it is a family member, friend or significant other. Love and value yourself enough to make decisions that align with your ideals, your heartfelt dream and passion.

Tip 3:  Ask yourself: “What would I be doing if money was not a factor or present need?”

This is a very worthwhile question that you should be asking yourself to help determine what it is that really motivates you at the most genuinely organic level possible. For me personally, I have always been drawn to helping people and children, and cultivating a heartfelt, nurturing and supportive rapport with those whom I have crossed paths. It feels natural and at home to encourage a friend or family member, and steer them to resources – health wise, emotional or spirit wise – that would lend a favorable and better way of viewing life and themselves. Not surprisingly, the areas of holistic and integrative health, life coaching, psychology, introspective writing and consulting have been of keen interest to me, equally so is researching and learning more about interlacing these fields into a well-balanced, enriching and healing whole for the betterment of my family, friends and community at large. My personal blog — https://brendalineblogs.wordpress.com/ — was birthed out of a deep desire to write and reflect on my personal persuasions while communicating these ideals with my community of fellow learners and students of life, passionate bloggers, and close friends or family members.

Considering the economic angle and impact of your choices is indeed important; more so is living a truly enriched life, where one’s values, natural talents and heartfelt purpose resonate as the most important factor when it comes to being truly successful. Just ask Oprah Winfrey, the famed talk show host to millions, motivator, actress, author, philanthropist and, might I add, billionaire business woman; she pursued her natural gift of talking and connecting with her audience, so effortlessly, on a deeper level, that she amassed millions to listen in and watch to her famous talk show: The Oprah Winfrey Show which was the highest rated show of its kind for two decades strong. Her lesson to all includes listening to your heart and living life from a place of gratitude, spirituality and openness to the wonders of life and all its blessings.

Have your consider sharing your gifts and talent with your world? What has been the driving force(s) propelling you toward success? Do not hesitate to take your ambitions to the next level.

Tip 4: The art of visualization: visualize yourself succeeding, already occupying your chosen career, position or dream state.

There is no better way to spark your imagination and unleash your creative talents, abilities and thought processes than by visualizing yourself already doing what you love and were born to do. Research has consistently shown that people who have dedicated time to purposefully visualize themselves succeeding at a given activity or goal by far excel at, and exceed, at the desired outcome compared with those who did not take the time to visualize a successful outcome before a given activity or goal. By taking the time to visualize, you are programming your mind to act, feel, behave and react in a way that lends itself to creative, successful outcomes by creating in your memory visions of successful outcomes. With this knowledge in mind, you can purpose to do well on your next exams, speak confidently and articulately in front of a crowd, throw that perfect basketball shot (with practice too), create a thriving business or practice, and even talk confidently and openly with an acquaintance.  Because you have already prepared your mind and heart through visualization, you break barriers that would have otherwise held you back, and tap into an endless supply of innovative and resourceful means for accomplishing your desired goal or outcome.

I have personally found this practice enriching. In the early morning hours of solitude and solace, I find comfort in the practice of visualizing myself already succeeding at a given goal. Coupled with journaling and/or gratitude journaling, it definitely helps to quiet the otherwise negative thoughts and voices that could steal away from pursuing and attaining my heartfelt desires. It is quite a useful and engaging personal tool in your arsenal for personal growth and development. See yourself succeeding today, right now.

You can heighten or compound this effect by listening to white noise, instrumental music and nature sounds like waves at the seashore, or the comforting sound of rain.

Tip 5: Fuel your success by reading books, blogs or articles that inspire your passion and ignites your creativity and drive.

You are just as successful as you think that you are in your mind before it becomes apparent in your present day reality. It all begins in the mind!  Your internal voice and thought process greatly influences your level of growth: economically, socially, financial, spiritually — in all ways. For this reason, it is important to feed and nourish your mind with the necessary words of faith, fortitude and empowerment that has a life-long and lasting impact on your life, your goals and ambitions, and those that come into contact with you whom you help influence and who influence you. For this reason, I strongly suggest aligning your life with the people, places, ideals and circumstances that feed your psyche and strengthen you in more ways than one. This can easily be accomplished by reading books, blog posts, articles and other inspired messages that gear your thoughts, intents and actions to one of your desired successful outcome.  What committing to eating healthy and life-sustaining foods does to your cells, living tissue and body, feeding your mind by proactively searching out and reading quality materials can do much to improve your mental state, boost your learning abilities, spark your creative intentions and spur you on to change for the better.

Read articles, books and blogs that are in line with your health, career, social, emotional and spiritual goals and ambitions.  They are usually cost-effective, even free to access, with the initial investment in this worthwhile pursuit paying a rich dividend in your life and mind, shaping your future for the better.

Fine tuning a musical instrument yields the best in sound quality and performance. So too is enriching your mind with the notable habit of reading intellectually-stimulating and thought-provoking material. You need not be an academic scholar or student to appreciate the ways in which such a practice enhances the mind, focus and creative powers. If you wish to become financially fit, then inspire yourself to read and invest time in personal finance books, or blog posts by noted professionals and contributors in the field of economics and finance. Do you aspire to learn a new skill such as cooking or baking, then invest in self-help books and video tutorials that inspire your creativity.

One of the best investments you can make toward improving your odds of success or desired outcome is to feed your mind with the wisdom, knowledge and insight of those that have gone before you. Learning from successful and proven leaders sparks your own creative thinking and stimulates you to action.

Place a premium on lifelong learning and personal betterment that enriches and expands your mind to new horizons.

Here are some noted websites that I suggest you spend time searching out for your general health and wellness, and to share with the world around you.


WebMD www.webMD.com

Natural Health Careers:

Nutrition http://americannutritionassociation.org/

Naturopathic Medicine http://aanmc.org/

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine http://www.aaaomonline.org/



Strategies and tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur: http://www.entrepreneur.com/


Optimal business advice for boosting your bottom line: http://www.business.com/

Spirit and Self:  

Joseph Prince Ministries

A charismatic and dynamic spiritual leader motivating others through the ministry of GRACE. http://www.josephprince.org/

Joel Osteen Ministries

A sought-after and inspirational spiritual leader encouraging others to live a life of HOPE. https://www.joelosteen.com/Pages/Home.aspx

Oprah Winfrey

A desired and respected businesswomen, inspirational motivator, author, actress and philanthropist. http://www.oprah.com/index.html


As an added bonus, I have included two of my favorite bloggers and mentors that are trail-blazing the path for change and the way we approach our health and finances. Check them out here:

Dr. Pamela Wible, M.D.

A visionary medical doctor, creative entrepreneur, compassionate founder of the Ideal Medical Clinic movement. http://www.idealmedicalcare.org/  

Ramit Sethi

An ultra cool and innovative entrepreneur personally attuned to his generation in the areas of personal finance and human behavior. http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/

This concludes the first five (5) tips for your personal betterment and pursuit in your lifelong goals. To sum, give your mind the permission to be creative, have a “focus”, pursue your goals as though money was not a factor or present need, visualize successful outcomes and read inspirational writings. That is it in a nutshell.

In February, I will be posting the next five tips for your success blueprint in 2016. In the meantime, feel free to read my other articles and interviews geared toward your personal success here at https://brendalineblogs.wordpress.com/ .

Wishing you a happy, healthy and fulfilling New Year 2016!  🙂

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Brendaline Timothy is the founder, brainchild and creative author behind the insightful blog — https://brendalineblogs.wordpress.com/  — dedicated to the holistic health, wellness and motivation of the readers and all things inspirational. I am a freelance writer and social media enthusiast of these and other posts dealing with everyday life and activities. I feel most alive when helping others on their road to personal empowerment and success! When not actively engaged in educational pursuits as a student in the field of integrative, holistic health and overall wellness or work, special time is devoted to creative activities like baking, reading and researching, (gratitude) journaling, walking, spending time immersed with family activities and keeping in touch with friends.

Feel free to send me an email at my blogging email – brendalineblogs@yahoo.comshould you be inclined or interested in writing a guest blog posts and/or discussing ideas related to your personal, professional development and motivations in life. Wishing you continued success, happiness and wellness!

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The 7 Things Blog Tour

The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversible Happy! Available now on Amazon!

How satisfied are you with your life right now? How happy do you really feel? Are you in ‘the zone’, that ‘sweet spot’ where your life, health and relationships just flow – effortlessly? Well, you can have more of the later—and more–in your life right now. Discover how to, today and why this is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

I’m talking today in this two-part interview with Rohan Healy, an immensely talented blogger I call the “happiness guru” (if you have ever visited his blog, Rohan7Things you would see exactly why that title is so fitting). He hosts an amazing, award-winning blog, and is the author of The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy: And How They Can Do the Same for You.

Okay. Here we go!

Brendaline:  Hi Rohan, welcome and thank you for kicking off your blog tour here today. It’s an honor and I am so excited to talk with you!

Rohan:  It’s my pleasure Brendaline; it’s really exciting for me to be beginning this tour for the new book, both of which were only ideas taking shape just a few months ago! Ah, and what better place to start.

Brendaline:  Haha, thanks Rohan. So tell us where you are hailing from? What’s your background?

Rohan:  Today, I’m saying hi from Dublin, Ireland. My family’s Irish, though I was actually born, and have spent just under half my life, in Australia! They both feel like home to me. I grew up all over the place. As a child, my family alternated between Australia and Ireland with stays in France and the Netherlands as well. My dad plays music and so we all went where the music took us.

Brendaline:  How fascinating! You must have countless adventure stories growing up Irish in such cultured and scenic places.

Rohan:  Haha, yeah there’s plenty to tell, probably another book in there somewhere. The musician’s life is a rocky road. I’ve experienced the highs, the swimming pools, big houses and playing in front of a thousand people. And of course the lows, sleeping in tents, eating beans and playing to empty rooms. It’s not an easy life, but it’s anything but boring!

Brendaline:  That’s incredible! So, both your dad and yourself are musicians?! How did that come about?

Rohan:  Yup, my dad, David Virgin started playing music in the late ‘70s in the famous Sydney punk scene. He was a founding member of the influential industrial noise group SPK who would inspire much of the techno and rave of the ‘90s. The Prodigy lists SPK as a big influence. He then went on to have five independent number one hits with his band Sekrek Sekret in the ‘80s. After that he raised a family and continued to write, record and perform in various bands and solo as David Virgin. He’s taught me much of what I know about performing and producing music; I’ve been extremely lucky!

Brendaline:  That’s some musical legacy you’ve got! And both your musical styles, what are they?

Rohan:  We both play a variety of styles, lots of folk, some punk, some funky stuff and rock. Just whatever either one of us is in the mood for. Having a strong production heritage helps with being able to keep things fresh and fun. My dad was taught production by Aussie rock legend Lobby Loyd, who was taught by Paul McCartney, who was of course taught by George Martin, the producer of the Beatles. Those tricks got handed down and it’s what has enabled me to record a solo album each year for the past ten, and why people come to me to have their songs produced.

Brendaline:  Incredible lyrical genius material you’ve soaked up! Needless to say, music is a huge part of your life! And what else inspires your travels?

Rohan:  Primarily my music. I grew up travelling and when I took up music myself at the age of 14, and started doing so full-time at 16, it’s something that I continued. I’ve been stationary for a number of years now producing music in Dublin, but this year my plan is to get back out on the road. This time however, I’ll also have my blog which should make things even more interesting!

Brendaline:  Haha, I guess when music is in your blood you go wherever it takes you, right!

Rohan:  That’s exactly right; it sounds cliché but you do have to follow the music, you have to go where you are wanted.

Brendaline:  Sounds like you need to consider a tour in the U.S. Folk music, rock – all genres — are celebrated here. Speaking of your blog, it’s chock-full of inspiringly expressive posts. A favorite of mine is your post titled The 7 Things That Make Walking the World’s Best Exercise, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Rohan:  Oh yeah, walking is great. I must be very nomadic because I have at least one walk, and usually two per day. All the modern conveniences have all but eliminated the need for walking more than a few feet every now and then, so it’s important to actually put aside time to just walk. Clear your head and get some exercise.

Brendaline:  Haha, I agree. It’s very freeing, isn’t it! So Rohan, you’re a creative guy who self-publishes, blogs, produces music, photographs, videos — and you travel! How do you find time to do it all?

Rohan:  I don’t do much else, haha! I guess you don’t get far without a little sacrifice, and I sacrifice a lot of what many people would find hard to do without.  I’m very self-disciplined; I keep a schedule of eating, exercise and sleep patterns that allows me to get all my writing, music, blogging, photography and gaming done (I like video games, and I have a Youtube channel with my brother dedicated to gaming and games).

Brendaline:  Gaming with your brother, that’s cool! I’m sure gaming fans are rejoicing over that! Anything else you do — or not do — to keep focused and motivated?!

Rohan:  I don’t go out to pubs or clubs or parties. I prefer to take a walk, or enjoy small gatherings with one or two like-minded people, but my favorite form of socializing is working on creating projects with others.

Brendaline:  That’s quite sobering (no pun intended). So, is the take-away key to prioritize the things in life that bring a true, quality return on investment?!

Rohan:  Yeah I guess so, it depends what your priorities are. Some goals require much more work than others, but if you want to do anything properly at least some organization and sacrifice is going to be necessary. I don’t mind the odd beer, and I certainly don’t begrudge anyone their enjoyments, it just doesn’t suit me very much.

Brendaline:  Solid. You spoke of creative projects with others. Do you mean blogging, self-publishing and the like?!

Rohan:  Yes, or working on music together, or a video project. Even painting a room, or doing some home improvement. I just like to be working on something with people rather than socializing for the sake of it. That probably sounds really horrible, haha. But of course I do occasionally like to just sit around and have a chat with a few close friends as well.

Brendaline:  Horrible? No, I think everyone can relate. Those sound incredibly fun and are bonding projects. It seems like you’re more so hands-on! Being in the kitchen and baking with my family is one of my all-time favorites; it’s just natural, relaxing and effortless and yes. To each his own!

Brendaline:  Focusing now on your e-book, the title’s The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely and Irreversibly Happy: And how they can do the same for you. How did it come about?

Rohan:  Just over a year ago, I came out of a long-term relationship and I was determined to live as the most authentic version of myself from that point onward, to avoid the mistakes of the past and live happily and healthily as my genuine self. To that end, I put into practice the best of everything I’d studied and learned over the past nine years in order to achieve my goal. I’ve been so astonished by the results, how happy my days are, how happy I am with myself, and have been for about a year now that I thought I really should share this knowledge with as many people as I could! That was my reason for writing the book, and for starting my blog.

Brendaline:  That’s good, I’m glad that you are a stronger and better person after that experience. Relationships can be seriously hard-hitting, so it’s great that your blog posts are reflections of lessons learnt. Thanks for enriching us with that!

Rohan:  Yes exactly. I just know that there are people who’ve been though, or are going through, similar things right now, and if my experiences and lessons learned can help someone else out then that’s great!

Brendaline:  It sounds like you’ve found the secret to living from a truly happy and freeing place. Tell us what makes you feel the most genuinely and irreversibly…happy!

Rohan:  I think the answer to that question would be authenticity. To know that I can be myself, just as I am and that not only will there still be good people and opportunities for me, but that by being totally open and authentic, I actually attract more or the right people and opportunities! We only get one shot at this life; what’s the point of living someone else’s? Authenticity and honesty is definitely a big part of my happiness.J

Brendaline:  Being truly authentic and honest with yourself. I couldn’t agree more! So, is that the focal point(s) of your new book, The 7 Things?!

Rohan:  One of the main things I wanted to cover in the book was relationships and the critical importance of the five pillars integral to any good relationship: honesty, communication, negotiation, boundaries and trust.

Brendaline:  Uh-huh, the five pillars. Go on…

Rohan:  In the past, I’d always believed that in order to find love and affection I’d need to conform to some standard other that who I naturally am, and so I’d pander, capitulate and try to please in every situation. I believed that I, just as I am, was not good enough. I decided that this had to change, that even if no one would ever be with me, it’s still better to be genuine and develop strong personal boundaries regarding what I will and won’t do and what I will and won’t put up with in others, than to remain in unhealthy relationships. Ironically, since being totally open and honest in my relationships about who I am, and since developing and exercising strong personal boundaries, my relationships have improved dramatically. I could never go back now, I’m far too happy with the results!

Brendaline:  That’s amazing. And where do you find daily inspiration? Where do you draw strength from?

Rohan:  Other than my friends, family and fellow bloggers, I’d say I get a lot of my inspiration from the Stoic philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome. Especially the idea that it’s not what occurs to you that is important, but rather it’s your perception of events that determines how you feel emotionally, and how you react! We do not have full control over what occurs to us in our lives, but we do have full control over the opinions and beliefs that we choose to form about the things that happen. We can choose to take a rational, positive attitude and view of things, which brings peace and contentment, no matter how bad things seem at the time. I’ve used Stoicism to take control over my moods and emotional state, and whenever I’m in need of a little motivation or some inspiration I read or remember the Stoic teachings and sayings. It’s great stuff, and that it is one of the “7 Things”.

Brendaline:  I take it that the Stoics were an integral thread in your first book, Greeks to Geeks: Practical Stoicism in the 21st Century?!

Rohan:  Yup, that book focuses exclusively on Stoic Philosophy and how it can be used to improve your life in the modern age. Stoicism is also one of The 7 Things, and I do my best to pack as much info on Stoicism into the new book as I can, however Greeks To Geeks gives you a much broader explanation, of course.

Brendaline:  Point taken! What do you do daily to help you focus your energies and stay motivated?

Rohan:  The thing that motivates me most and keeps me focused is my desire to continue to learn, and to experience things. I continue to read and study the works of other writers and ancient wisdoms in order to make my work better, and also just for the enjoyment of it. Life for me is a combination of the consumption of creative works and the output of creative works. I’m half-way through recording my 10th solo album, I’ve written around 200 songs, but in order to keep writing and creating you must also consume and immerse yourself in the works of others. So each day I try to listen to music, watch a film, read some articles and blogs or some philosophy. It keeps my work fresh J

Brendaline:  That sounds like a plan! What is it that you enjoy most about the creative writing process?

Rohan:  How easy it is, haha! I don’t know, when I sit down to write it just comes really easily, there are plenty of other things in this life that I’m awful at; like everyone, I have strengths and weaknesses. But things like playing music, and writing I find very easy and enjoyable. The trick in life is to spend as much time as possible doing the things you are best at and that you enjoy, a small amount of time doing what you are okay at, and virtually no time doing the things you are really terrible at. Focus on this and you’ll be very happy. You might not be able to do everything you love right away, but you can certainly stop some doing things you are no good at, and ASAP!

Brendaline:  The secrets to happiness, boom! Point taken, so then happiness would be a given – effortlessly and naturally! Love that!


Author and blogger, Rohan Healy

Author and blogger Rohan Healy

That concludes (Part 1 of 2) in the interview with Rohan Healy, author of The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy.

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