Be the light that shines in the darkest seasons of your life and awaken the optimistic, positive energy that lies dormant within you.” ~ Brendaline Timothy

Lighthouse of hope beacons for a new beginning!

Lighthouse of hope beacons for a new beginning!

Having a day or a pleasant moment that fills your day with an artistic celebration of all things creative, exciting, calming and soothing to your visual senses will do wonders to a bleak or mundane day or existence. It is important to hold fast to the elements of excitement and memories that capture the essence of a spirited existence in spite of elements of lackluster and low drive or creative energy. It is a wonderful thing to be inspired by nature, family, friends and events that capture the essence of what is means to be living from a truly freeing place; a place of heightened hope and achievement, a place of meaning and purpose that adds a dimension of optimism and openness to your life. Such moments can be rare, or can be carefully cultivated to bring out the very best of emotions and heightened sensitivity to the richness that is inherent in every aspect of our lives.

Granted, life may not always allow for a tranquil, peaceful or open existence in the sense that we may be rushed and frantic in a truly hectic and bombastic world, filled with too many deadlines, and not enough downtime allowing for the fueling of the raw emotions and heightened awareness of the purest and truest essence of our existence. It takes living from a more deliberate place of willful and purposeful anticipation of such moments and actively taking steps to add vitality and creative space to your day. Your inner passions and drive need this fuel of solace and escape from the hectic pace of living to truly appreciate the soundness and beauty that comes from a life that is on-purpose in its quest for personal satisfaction and freedom in moments of solitude and calmness.

Aim to cultivate in your life a deep interest and desire to be surrounded by an environment and workspace that is warm, inviting and free of distractions and one that draws you in with positive energy and optimism. Aim to surround your environment with beauty, esthetic art forms and creative energy that positively contributes to hope and meaning in your life and in your personal moments of solitude and alone time. Seek to anticipate the needs and desires of your present self and cater to the part of you that longs for a purer, more meaningful and worthwhile existence. Aim to be inspired by the people and things that add a dimension of beauty and wonder to your life. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the present while taking comfort in the past memories of gladness, oneness and gratefulness, while thinking in terms of positive optimism about the glorious future that await you. Color your present moments with exchanges of unexpected moments of fun and wonder and add beauty and invigoration to your day – and life! Seek to be daily inspired by the part of you that longs to connect with your truest sense of self, the parts of you that makes YOU feel most alive. Allow yourself to journal those moments and use it as a springboard for cultivating more of such moments, that guarantee and effortless flow of continuous and momentous times of joy, peace and contentment. Journal your aspirations and feel your soul and spirit soar.

Learn to be enthralled by the spirit of anticipation and access that place of internal happiness, freedom, joy and contentment that adds a dimension of freedom and bliss to your day. Learn to harness and foster a spirit of creative and artistic expression in all its forms and be ready to take part in an atmosphere that breeds abundance, creativity, instills beauty, drive and an appreciation for various art forms. Just note how you feel and how much better your soul and psyche feels allowing yourself the pleasure of being enthralled in a place that adds positive, optimistic energy, candor and colorful freedom to your world. Feel the rush of energy and openness expressed, like a fragrant candle that adds a dimension of bright brilliance and a candid glow to a dimmed and darkened room or corner of your world. Like an effervescent, colorful mixture of bubbly, bright energy and radiance that adds a noted touch of glimmer and sparkle to your day and mundane moments.

Like a beacon of hope in the darkest, perilous times when no optimism or lackluster energy seems pre-eminent or plentiful, without an ounce of positive energy and radiance in sight. Let your day be filled with positive optimism, hope and freedom like a lighthouse, shining forth its radiant light and energy while instilling hope, wonder and serenity to an otherwise deaden nature in the darkness of the night. Aim to let these and other thoughts of hope and authenticity flood your day and moments and drive you toward a state of inner peace and tranquility even as the howling winds of adversity is prevailing around you. Allow yourself the honesty, authenticity and candor to reactivate the part of your soul and spirit that has lain dormant and aim to catch a glimpse of awakening and hope-filled glee and anticipation as the next chapter of your life is etched in a solid testament of freedom, authenticity and valor. Allow yourself the freedom to bask in the glow of your own (and others) accomplishments and prepare your spirit for soaring to the highest of heights in the days and seasons to come. Allow your soul to speak to you in quiet whispers of positive self-talk and affirmations that instill a sense of confidence and quiet contentment for positive and hope-filled outcome for your future!

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