Are you new to Pinterest too? Are you curious about it?

Well, join the boat! I am also new to Twitter and WordPress, and in the world of social media tools, it is sometimes tough mastering the learning curve. But it is doable, and quite rewarding!

I have discovered that Twitter is good for its micro-blogging prowess, a close relative to WordPress. WordPress, as its name suggests, is geared toward publishing text, with the appeal of videos, graphics and other visuals. I think these are truly wonderful ways to share our passions with fellow bloggers. Yet Pinterest is a whole new kind of creature; I love its creative, visual focus! Like this incredible, dewy photo of a colorful dragonfly. Quite mesmerizing.

This amazing inspiration of nature was a re-pin from Mary, a fellow Pinterest user (see the caption above).

Purpose: Pinterest and WordPress

Another good benefit of this visually-appealing platform is the ability to pin your WordPress visual posts directly to your Pinterest board(s) of choice. If your site is video content-focused, photo-focused, or artistically driven, then Pinterest is your new best friend. A great way to share ideas and inspiration.

I personally love it for the interests and visions that help shape my life and future. My favorite boards are centered around inspiration in the form of motivational quotes, health & fitness, fashion & finance and of course, brilliant blogs that inspire me here from WordPress! What a great community to be a part of!

So you see, Pinterest is an ideal marriage partner for WordPress. In my opinion, the new Facebook. Every WordPress blog should include Pinterest’s signature-red “P” or “Pinterest” button for sharing with the world!

It is easy to pin some of my favorite photos, inspirational pieces, even poetry and quotes from blogs I follow. And it is a two way street, because Pinterest’s photos or videos can be linked, or embedded directly into blog posts. What’s the best way to do so? Glad you asked.

“Pin It” Button

The “Pin It” button is an incredibly useful feature of Pinterest. If it is not already on your bookmark bar, you can drag and drop it directly, or use their code to embed it into blog posts or your e-commerce website(s).

Just visit, for instructions.

Definitely take advantage of this button. From there, you should have fun pinning. If you own an e-commerce site, this feature comes in handy for posting product pictures, events and other related pins. This is ideal for those in the art, photography, education, science or fashion industries, with their heavy visual focus. More and more, I see TV ads include the Pinterest logo, along with Facebook and Twitter, for website promotion. It is definitely a forerunner.

To sum, here are some suggestions in using Pinterest for business and pleasure:

  • Use the “Pin It” button to grab inspiration across the web and post on your favorite boards.
  • Invite friends to pin on your boards too.
  • Use ‘Comment,’ ‘Like’ and Re-Pin for Pinterest boards your follow or like.
  • Link back to WordPress and share with us your amazing finds.
  • Have a vision and time schedule for pinning/sharing to avoid wasting time. Not fun.
  • Have fun and enjoy sharing.

Whew, so glad that I have gotten over the Pinterest learning curve and shared this with you. Feel free to browse through my latest inspirations on my Pinterest page,

Of course, social media, in itself, is an ever-changing environment, but it is good to have learnt this one. By far, the easiest to grasp, and quite user-friendly. Now, if I could just figure out the difference between a page, a post, and a ‘category’ on WordPress.

Baby steps.