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“Tap into your creative elements and never lack inspiration ever again.”   Brendaline

What drives YOU?

What gets you going every day? Do you know it? Can you easily (or consciously) identify it and point it out? Or, are you on a personal quest to discover this – consciously or not?

If you think about it, this is really applicable to every individual.  Every day, you learn more about yourself — your passions, your inspirations, hopes, dreams, doubts or fears, personality quirks, unique talents and abilities. Essentially, what makes YOU, you. What makes you tick.

It stands to reason that it takes working from your place of creativity, passion and drive to consistently produce at an optimum level of personal success. Creative energy gives birth to the inspiration that generates the kind of (mental) fuel necessary to give your all – all your heart and soul to a winning endeavour, despite any seeming odds stacked against your favour.

On a relaxed Saturday evening, I witnessed the art of creativity, performance and drive in all its creative glory!

The hit Broadway, Tony Award®-winning musical-turned-theatrical movie, Jersey Boys was a much-anticipated, “sweet escape” weekend unwind with my mom and sister. The coming of age story, from unknown-to-superstardom musical stars: Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons showcased their lives from the inception of their music journey — from the long winding road from the streets, to their eventual success into Hollywood’s Hall of Fame. The group first started out as a trio with two backup singers to lead singer, Frankie Valli, a talented hairdresser-barber by day and a soulful crooner singing high-ranged ballads by night. The self-titled group would soon to be known as The Four Seasons. Although they were immensely creative and talented, the group struggled with getting recognition and acceptance.

The rage in the sixties — at that time — was quartets, and radio shows heavily capitalized on this trend. It was not until the group’s founder and back-up singer, Tommy Devito got introduced to a trifecta super-talent singer, songwriter and piano player that the group’s musical success really took off, big time. Upon listening to a demo version of one of his songs, the group was mesmerized with the young talent. He was quickly signed on, and they became officially known as The Four Seasons. With the group grounded and completed, countless tours, booking engagements, larger crowds and vibrant audiences with bigger stages became their reality.

Their Music History

For decades, the acclaimed group has wooed audiences with such old-school, number-one hits as “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Sherry”, “Walk Like a Man” and the unforgettable, “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)”. Music of the sixties era was classical, magical and priceless showcasing genuine talent and vocal range that won them acclaimed awards and honors for their work in music and show business. Their road to stardom led to the eventual Broadway musical, Jersey Boys, a hit production set with tours in the United States and Europe.

Personal Insights Gleaned: Their Virtues and Vices

What fascinates me about the creative elements with the likes of authors, musicians, (lead) singers and songwriters of various genres etc. is not the lifestyle of fame, fortune and glamour that seem part of the show business world. Not really the glitz and glamour that surrounds these immensely talented individuals – the bright lights, crowds screaming in the background and waving fanatically; the endless appearances on television or radio, or the corresponding “it” factor that enamored multitudes, driving viewing audiences wild. What fascinates me from all the upfront, live performances is the behind-the-scenes, every-day life story: what they had to overcome to get to where they are now, their mindset, inspirations, fortitude, courage and the ability to captivate audiences with their irresistible charm.

The Four Seasons “Jersey Boys” toured across the country making television and club appearances that eventually led to Hollywood superstardom. What really stood out were the humble beginnings of these four musicians.  Their road to stardom was not paved with a straight and honorable path at times. There was a time when the three original singers lived a life of petty theft and crime – “Jersey style.” Revolving prison time was part of their not-so-glamorous life. Yet the guys eventually sobered up and became dedicated and focused. They began to put their efforts into the whole-hearted pursuit of music and record-deals. After decades of performing together, the group would eventually part ways with the lead singer, Frankie Valli performing solo acts with other backup artists.

The movie concluded with all four original members eventually reuniting after decades of being apart and performing their greatest hits together on one stage, once again. It was fascinating to have watched the group rekindle the flame of what made them originally successful and full of excitement. More fascinating was to have watched them go through the highs and lows – watching their highlighted moments to success and stardom, all the way to the lackluster moments where they wished that all their money problems and financial worries would just simply disappear, forever, for good.

The Takeaway: Go Be Inspired!

If you ever have a chance to listen to their greatest hits, watch the movie, or get local tickets to attend a live musical concert, by all means do so. The creative energy and drive just shines through and you will be left with a sense of wonder and admiration for the behind-the-scenes making of artists and the talented singing quartet.

It is always a good practice to stop and appreciate the creative elements that make up someone’s day and life.

You need not be a musician or singer to be known for being a creative individual.  Each person inherently possesses that certain element of creativity and drive that they function in effortlessly, that brings joy and triumph into their world, and countless lives. Look for your very own instances of creativity and drive, and learn to cultivate the art of being appreciative of your individual success story. Be thankful for who you are and what you have to offer.

Ask Yourself: What Inspires Me?

Whatever inspires you to greatness and soul fulfillment, I wish you more of it. I think one of the most challenging aspects of life is to keep being inspired on a daily basis; to discover the thing(s) – ideals, people, musings, vision etc. – that continually bring motivation and taps into your creative element(s), but it is definitely worth the find. You will find your optimal energy, drive and ambition from living or being in your creative element – whether that includes taking up a personal hobby, engaging in or enjoying the visual and/or performing arts, learning a new language, even starting your own business. It could be even be as simple as enjoying nature and taking pictures as keepsakes. Learn to find out just what keeps you inspired – everyday – and incorporate that into your everyday life.

Action Step: Your Ultimate Motivator (Daily) Hack:

Have you ever considered writing down your one over-arching ideal or motivation on an index card?  Do you know what that truly looks like? Think for a moment or two. It may also take a day or two to consider this. Take a 10-minute walk to clear your head. Then, jot down exactly what your thoughts are in a complete sentence or two. Read and reflect on it daily – in the early morning hours and later evening, before bedtime. (If you are a night owl, then choose your preferred time to visualize, and reflect on it being a reality in your heart and life).

For instance, your goal could include this: “I long for days filled with XYZ and time to do the thing(s) I love: which include XYZ – on a daily basis.”

This activity is two-fold:

  1. It allows you to clearly identify – with clarity – what deeply motivates you.
  2. You will become conscious of exactly what you desire to achieve; and this conscious state of being allows you to align your time, energies and resources etc. to accomplishing the life activities that bring true meaning, purpose, creativity and productivity to your world and others.

Before long, you begin to clearly see how you can achieve this ideal, and take active steps to bring it to pass in your life.

Closing Thoughts

In May, I will be discussing personal motivations and on giving yourself the gift of time to succeed at your given goals. Don’t get discouraged, for it is achievable once you put your mind and heart to it. Learn to relax and be inspired in this state. Until then, feel free to read my other blog posts, and enjoy learning more about what makes you, uniquely you. 🙂

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