See yourself as a success story attracting like-minded leaders and mentors to your heart and life!

As you are already aware, to be successful and achieve your dreams, passions and desires require an ongoing and daily commitment.

Daily, you must put your focus on the ideas, thoughts and decisions that inspire you and gear you toward a successful outcome. In my January blog post, I discussed the first five tips and thoughts that have helped in shaping my resolve for personal growth and betterment.

In this post, I am sharing with you Part Two — the next five tips. It is my hope and belief that they will inspire you to a life of optimism and action.

Here we go.

Tip 6: Write down your vision statement, objectives and plans. Read it (out loud) daily.

This idea is so near and dear to my heart that I consider the very act of journaling my plans the necessary fuel, motivation and daily inspiration to getting me one step closer to my goals – and you will too! It is imperative that you make this a daily habit of yours so that you can assess where you are and where you want to go. For instance, if your goal is to resolve to maintain a healthy weight and eat healthier, then keeping a journal is key to consciously, and authentically, meet your desired goal and outcome. Every week, you can reflect on how you are progressing by visually keeping track of what you ate, how many hours you walked or exercised, and how you felt emotionally. Use your favourite phone app or a notebook to keep track of how you are progressing and this will boost your confidence and zeal to keep going strong in the right direction. More so, if you ever feel discouraged or lackluster, you can always refer to the progress you have made in the past and remind yourself of just “why” you started this goal in the first place.

Tip 7: Guard your mind by creating a mental barrier against negative thoughts, emotions, people and circumstances.

Let me be very clear, you have to be proactive and determined about this one. Easier said than done, right? It may seem difficult – downright impossible — to practice this habit to avoid negative thought patterns, toxic emotions, even people and circumstances, but it can be done. It takes discipline and resolve, but it can be done; and the results are worth it. For starters, it is a good practice to know yourself and any weaknesses in your temperament. Knowing what makes you tick: what causes you to be anxious or fearful; what causes you to feel drained, discouraged, even outraged and despondent all are clues to what discourages you. On the flip side, whatever excites you, causes you the most joy and inspiration, whatever creative ventures, mentors, books, friends, family members, hobbies or events that speak life into your world are all clues to the things that help shape and mold you into the person you are today. Knowing these traits and tendencies about yourself will ultimately, and consciously, allow you to seek what inspires and adds value to you, while avoiding, or at the very least, minimizing the negatives that subtract from the person you are meant to be – a strong, resilient, creative and productive individual who aims to share the best of the self with your world. Knowing yourself at a visceral level is the best gift you can give to yourself. Aim to know yourself through and through.

Tip 8: Enlist the help of your support system by way of mentors, friends and family members that embody your ideals.

It is true statement – that it takes a village to raise a child. No truer is it in the case of your life, for it is nearly impossible to succeed without some sort of support system. While it may be true that some of you reading this post may consider yourself a “self-made” individual, it is worth reflecting on the fact that no one who has truly reached the pinnacle of success has done so without enlisting the aid of some trusted mentor or teacher, friend or family member who helped introduce someone, some habit, or influence that has helped in the shaping of the person he or she is today. It may even be your nature to seek solitude and work independently (for hours on end) and enjoy the uninterrupted bliss that comes from a focused activity or project on the way. But it is imperative to your growth and betterment as a person that you carve out some time solely devoted to connecting to trusted influencers in your life. Not only do you come away from that time recharged and inspired, but you learn to cultivate soft skills and a people-sensitive mindset that allows for the richness of empathy, love and caring for another – to be cultivated. That being said, be sure to surround yourself with those that care about you and your future, are committed to encouraging, correcting and guiding you to a successful outcome. Be sure to surround yourself with those who add value to your life – as your add to theirs. A win-win!

 Tip 9: Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going.

It can be difficult to not think about the future. We live in a future-oriented society that is always thinking ahead to the next best thing. The latest iPhone, the next movie sequel or next generation tech gadget; we are conditioned for the futuristic way of thinking. Or, we may be watching our favourite movie or cleaning house, while also obsessing over what the next activity should be. We are conditioned to think about future plans, including where we see ourselves three, five even ten years from now.

While it is an industrious habit to plan for the future, we should not get so caught up in such planning that we forget the here and now – the gift of the present. Being consumed with the future goals and activities should not come at the expense of the present moments. It is important to take time to enjoy your life on the way to where you are going, and to think of the daily, simple joys and blessings that surround you.

Take some time to unwind and unplug from technology and social media by taking nature walks in the early morning, evening or preferred time. Boost your creativity and personal reflections time by taking up a hobby such as colouring in an adult colouring book, painting, or roller skating outdoors. (You can create a Pinterest page with visionary boards for added ideas and inspirations.) Not only do these activities release endorphins, the “feel good” hormones that reduce stress after a long day, but they allow you to re-connect with your childhood passions and creativity. Definitely satisfy your need for some “me” time with these and other spirited, soul-nourishing activities.

Tip 10:  Watch your words. Avoid negative self-talk.

As you are intrinsically aware, words – your words – have the power to heal, inspire and motivate you and others to greatness; or consequently, wreck havoc on your life if filled with hopelessness, complaining and distrust. You owe it to yourself to invest in the conscious act of speaking words of encouragement and expectancy. Seek to avoid speaking words of self-sabotage or disrespect of yourself and your future, by meditating on a successful outcome, and speaking positive, life-breathing words of affirmation and hope. Even if you have the natural tendency to gripe about personal battles or your present predicament, know that you can develop the affirming habit of positive self talk. Know that your present circumstances will not always be this way. The quickest way out of a negative situation is to mentally see yourself conquering such, while speaking faith-filled, empowering words that foster personal change. You can take it a step further in focusing on your successful future outcome by placing pictures, favourite quotes and images that motivate and excite you. This is an excellent example of using the power of your words to produce a significant turning point in your life. Affirm and encourage yourself with declarative, hope-filled words today.

This concludes the last five (5) tips for your personal betterment and pursuit in your lifelong goals. To sum, journal your visionary plans, consciously guard against negativity, have or create a support team, be mindful of your present blessings, and lastly, avoid negative self-talk. That is it in a nutshell.

In March, I will be posting on the topic Finding Your Optimal Energy from Working in Your Creative Element. In the meantime, feel free to read my other posts and interviews geared towards your personal inspiration.

Have yourself an inspired and fulfilled day! J

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