Joy to world! Christmas is here! Merry Christmas to you!

How quickly this time of year seems to come by. There are so many memories and nostalgic thoughts from Christmases gone by of my childhood. Being in the kitchen (at the super bowl event of all festive events) was the place to be! I relished the role of being the ‘royal taster’ for batter taste-testing, yet detested being the royal ‘dishwasher’  of all those pots and pans – a not-so-noble role and not too keen on embracing, but a welcome part of the kitchen action scene all the same.

Yet now, I’ve come to appreciate both these roles – both as royal taster and royal dishwasher, as well as the other responsibilities and delights that come along with playing chef.

Thankfully, I’ve wrapped up my active tour of duty in the kitchen a few hours ago and turned the knob off from baking the last of the desserts — death by Chocolate cake and Red Velvet affair delight (my new dessert obsession). My neighbor’s birthday falls in December so I’m giving him the choice to choose between the two as a gift. Being an avid chocoholic like myself, I’m guessing he’ll favor the usual, but who knows…

It would be nice to save you a slice or two (but I’m sure it would be all gone by the time you make your request this year). Maybe next year, but I’m not going to live you empty-handed. No, not quite red velvet to dish out, but a slice of holiday inspiration and well wishes for you and yours…

Here is My Christmas Wish for You Always

This Christmas Day, my Christmas wish for you is this.

I pray and wish that you…

Celebrate Life. Celebrating Living. Celebrate Giving!

Celebrate Christmas!

Be surrounded by love, beauty, happiness, joy and the laughter of this blessed

holiday season.

I wish for you to live with a heart of gratitude and love for life and living.

That you delight in the magic and wonder of life’s little (and big) celebrations and share in

the laughter and simplicity of a child’s smile, of your smile, of another’s smile.

To welcome in the pureness of new life, and sweet innocence of a child’s love.

To anticipate the dawning of a new day, new beginnings and find contentment in the gift of

the now

In the stillness of each present moment,

To draw strength from the knowing that your are enveloped in love, hope and peace,

Unnerved by uncertainty, and bathed in the fresh outpouring of comforting hugs, and

the loving, reassuring touch of Love

And especially this day — the Christmas day —

I pray and wish that you discover and find comfort,

happiness and freedom;

Your place in this world – and that the world would be a kinder, happier,

more inspired place to be, because you have been born

and live in it,

to share your gift of your presence with the world in you

— and around you!

All the best of health, wealth, happiness, laughter, cheer, good food, great company, sweet memories and moments — this Christmas! This is my Christmas season’s wish, and blessings just for you this day – and always!

For your listening pleasure, here’s Gloria Estefan’s “Christmas through Your Eyes” — truly one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs growing up. I hope you enjoy listening to it just as much I do; now, and for years to come!

What’s your favorite Christmas memories? Do share! Merry Christmas to you! 🙂