Truly spoken indeed!

I came across this wonderfully inspirational quote on Pinterest and wanted to share it here with you. To be truly successful it requires dedication and the continual spirit to keep on keeping on.

Man, how boring does that sound on the surface level — to be doing the same thing over and over again, and over and over again. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

On the surface, it surely sound mechanical. So routine. So predictable. But then I stop and think…

Is is predictable for the human heart to beat consistently as it does? It surely would not be fun if it decides to start beating irregularly — or worst, not at all! It is truly a marvel that this small organ, with its uniquely created form and function, keeps true to its purpose and consistently, successfully pumps life blood throughout our bodies. Now that’s success.

I think all take my queue from the heart, that mighty little workhorse, and decide not to judge the routine elements of my life like in clearing my mailbox, eating a good breakfast, or even paying down that student loan every month — as merely routine.  I’ll remember to focus on and appreciate instead how much value these things add to my life. It breeds discipline, and its unexpected comfort and success is gratifying. It certainly isn’t fun waking up to a mountain of mail, debt, or a hunger pains throughout the day. No walk in the park that’s for sure.

Safe to say, I’ll keep on keeping on to my routines. That way, I can open my heart up to the unexpectedly, surprisingly blissful moments, like discovering a $50 gift card in the mail!

Now that makes my heart skip a beat – in a good way, of course.