The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances [opportunities] they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Wow…bold, brazen diamond-in-the-raw truth! Splash some cold water in-your-face truth! I like that quote! What a jolt. I came across this inspirational and motivational quote somewhere on Oprah’s website a few days ago, and have been truly inspired by it, as I have been with many Oprah-isms. So smitten by my new-found inspirational quote  that I have placed it on my desk, handwritten on a flash card, and read it daily along with other favorites that inspire.

Brendaline Blogs was created to share my life’s inspirations in all their forms.  Learning more about myself, my past and most importantly, learning from the wisdom of others is definitely the way to continually learn, grow and be my personal best. Living this way opens up our lives to inspirational moments that help propel us into growth opportunities which ultimately brings us closer to our true self – the self we were born and destined to be. The self that is truly happy, free from fear, and all-embracing of the challenges and call to personal greatness.

Inspirational Quotes from pokerworld (2006)

More so, this blog is dedicated to all who are in the pursuit and creation of meaningful opportunities or experiences that present themselves in almost every facet of life, if we are just open and conscious of these now moments. I think we can always find tidbits of inspiration and happiness in the stillness of meditation, in the dewdrops dawning a new day, in the sweet laughter of a child amused in playtime, or the nothingness of a lazy raining afternoon. Yes, there is inspiration and sheer joy everywhere. So take some time to capture those moments and place them in your forever box of memories; to be cherished for all of time.  And since life inspires, let’s blog about it.

Do share what inspires you today!